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  1. That’s so cool!


  2. Hey! Thanks so much for following. Very cool blog!

  3. Excellent!

  4. Cool photos!
    Hi Alane! Thanks for liking my photo post “Piety” and for following my blog “Exploring the world: photography, travel art”. Kind greetings,

  5. hI Alene, you are totally an awesome photographer. Love all your photos, they are extremely unique. Gracias por ir de visita a mi blog. Rtle

  6. Thanks for viewing my new blog photos. I love this photo. I love playing with light. Makes the world seem magical.

  7. Very nice.. Enjoy the pics..

  8. Really like the set of spark images. Very sculptural. Many thanks for the follow.

  9. Your sparkler artists drew some really amazing stuff. Were you in front of the camera as well as behind it?

    • I wasn’t in front of the camera but, I was instructing the people on what to do during the shoot.

  10. Awesome light painting m8, thanks for checking out my work, hope you enjoyed it!

  11. Very, very cool!!

  12. Wow, that is very different and creative. The movement is great. Thank you so much fro the follow and I will be following you as well

  13. Really like this stuff. Are you aware of “Picasso Draws with Light?” that’s awesome stuff as well. Also thanks for the like & the follow!

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